# XMHW - Xarray based Marine HeatWave code

XMHW identifies marine heatwaves from a timeseries of Sea Surface Temperature data and calculates statistics associated to the detected heatwaves. It is based on the`marineHeatWaves code <https://github.com/ecjoliver/marineHeatWaves/>`_ by Eric Olivier


  • threshold

  • detect

  • block_average work in progress


You can install the latest version of xmhw directly from conda (coecms channel)

conda install -c coecms -c conda-forge xmhw

If you want to install an unstable version or a different branch:

  • git clone

  • git checkout <branch-name> (if installing a a different branch from master)

  • cd xmhw

  • python setup.py install or pip install ./ use –user with either othe commands if you want to install it in ~/.local

Working on NCI server

Xmhw is pre-installed into a Conda environment at NCI. Load it with:

module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules
module load conda/analysis3-unstable

NB You need to be a member of hh5 to load the modules